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CNBC Awaaz revamps market hours - nairrk - 04-23-2018

MUMBAI: Hindi business news channel CNBC Awaaz has revamped its market hours by roping in an impressive line-up of expertise in stock markets analysis. The Channel will take a deep dive to decode the stock markets and their implications on the economy on Weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm.

The veterans of capital markets include Udayan Mukherjee, Ashwani Gujral, Sudarshan Sukhani, SP Tulsian, Sandeep Wagle, Prakash Gaba, Mitessh Thakkar and Prakash Diwan.

CNBC-Awaaz managing editor Alok Joshi says, “We remain committed towards best in class markets coverage for our audiences. Our news channel has always consciously brought forward personalities who are thought-leaders in the field of market analysis and who engage with the viewers through their impeccable judgement and knowledge. With such stalwarts on board, we aim to continue to dominate the Hindi Business News space.”

TV18 Consulting Editor, Business News Udayan Mukherjee said, “The CNBC channels have played an instrumental role in expanding the reach of business news & information in the country. From encouraging wealth creation & entrepreneurship to spreading awareness about the markets, the channels have played a multi-faceted role in the rise of Indian business and enterprise. CNBC-Awaaz is the most admired and watched Hindi Business News channel and I take great pride in contributing to its unmatched salience in the minds of Indian investors and traders.”

CNBC Awaaz celebrated its 13th anniversary in January 2018. For the last 13 years, CNBC Awaaz has been offering viewers the news that impacts their lives the most. The channel, through its most trusted anchors and experts, offers a wide range of news covering politics, economy, sports, entertainment and much more in the language of their choice.