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Disney Channel to launch two new animated shows during summer - nairrk - 05-11-2018

[Image: jz87bfX.jpg]MUMBAI: Kids entertainment channel Disney Channel is launching two new localised animated shows to bolster its content offering in the summer season. The channel will launch ‘Simple Samosa’ and ‘Big Hero 6 Series’ in a bid to capture more eyeballs in what is considered the peak viewership season for the kids category.

‘Simple Samosa’ will launch on 14 May and will air every Monday-Friday at 12.30 pm. The date and time for Big Hero 6 series has not yet been finalised.

Produced by Ice Candy, Simple Samosa is a show where all the characters are various items of food. The show will be launched in four languages – English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The channel has got Dabur on board as the presenting sponsor.

Talking about the new shows, Disney India Media Networks Executive Director Content and Communications Devika Prabhu said, “Summer has always seen a bump up in viewership and this year shouldn’t be any different. Simple Samosa is the summer focussed show. We have also another shows lined up called Big Hero Series. There are several other shows lined up with which kids can connect.”

Social Samosa will be backed up with a month-long promotional campaign. The channel will be promoting the show extensively on digital and social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The channel is also launching a game for kids revolving around Simple Samosa in order to create multiple touchpoints for the show.

“Our focus currently is to get the characters into the life of children to get our viewers to know the character well and we want to give them every opportunity to do that. Through summers the children will engage with the character through this game and going forward we will have a360 degree line of marketing and promotion which will give us more option,” Prabhu said.

Apart from HSM, the Tamil and Telugu are important markets for the channel. “Given our platform we have universality in our reach. Our focus is to create relatable characters and situations. If we manage combination of this than there is no reason to worry about the time spends on the channel as it has been as strong as ever,” she noted.