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Google Photos has introduced new features, including 'Color Pop' - nairrk - 05-12-2018

As the default gallery app on Google Pixel, Android One and many other near-stock Android UI devices, Google Photos gets a lot of attention. The app additionally serves as a cloud storage platform for photos, and can be set to automatically sync and upload any new photos taken on a smartphone to the cloud. As a result, Google Photos has gained a lot of popularity. This past week at Google I/O 2018, the company announced new features for Google Photos.

A key new feature as part of the Google Photos updates is ‘Color Pop’. This feature creates images where the subject of the shot is kept in color, while the background and rest of the image turns monochrome. This naturally creates an interesting stylized effect that shows off the subject matter at the center of attention in the image. Like other stylized photos on Google Photos, you can’t add this effect to photos yourself.

Instead, Google’s algorithms scan your photos to decide what effect would best suit the image, and certain images will get the ‘Color Pop’ effect. However, you can’t really know which image will get it, and it comes as a surprise through the Google Photos app. Some users are reporting that the effect is now showing up on their apps, according to Android Headlines. However, it isn’t certain if this is a app-based feature or server-side feature, but users are reporting it in the updated app.

Stylized photos by Google appear in the Assistant section of the Google Photos app. Here, you can see images that Google’s AI has added effects to, and save them to your phone if you like. Google Photos key feature is considered to be its cloud storage; you get unlimited storage for your photos at a slightly reduced resolution, and you can also save your photos in full resolution if you’re okay with it occupying your cloud space. The service lets you view your images on any of your connected devices and platforms, and allows users to do away with the need to store image files on device storage.