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YRF inks two-film distribution deal with Green Gold Animation - nairrk - 05-17-2018

MUMBAI: YRF will distribute forthcoming Indian animation films ‘Hanuman vs Mahiravana’ and ‘Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka’, across India. Produced by animation content company Green Gold Animation, these films will be released in Hindi and Tamil languages across India in stereoscopic 3D & normal 2D versions.

Apart from its home productions, Yash Raj Films has successfully distributed films of other renowned film-makers across India through its strong & vast distribution network. In the past, YRF has had a successful distribution collaboration with Green Gold Animation, while distributing their film ‘Chhota Bheem And the Throne of Bali’ across India in May 2013.

Speaking about this twin film deal, Yash Raj Distribution VP Rohan Malhotra said, “Chhota Bheem and Hanuman are iconic animation characters among Indian kids today. Green Gold Animation has been able to build these inherently Indian animation heroes, Hanuman from mythology and Chhota Bheem as a fictional character and their films deserve a strong release. “Hanuman vs Mahiravana” will release across India on 22 June and “Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka” will release later this year.”

Elaborating on their distribution deal with YRF, Green Gold Animation CEO Rajiv Chilaka said, “YRF is a big and strong partner for us and we have worked together in the past and we are happy that this partnership will bring two amazing stereoscopic 3D animated movies for Indian audiences. “Hanuman vs Mahiravana” is an Untold story from the Ramayana and is an action-packed family movie and we are targeting teenage and older audiences with this movie.”

This collaboration with Indian animation for YRF will amplify the reach of these films to their widest possible audience, ensuring Indian audiences get the best of homegrown entertainment.“Hanuman vs Mahiravana” and “Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka” across India for Green Gold Animation.