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MIB nudge to TV channels on content monitoring - nairrk - 05-21-2018

NEW DELHI: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has cautioned 121 TV channels for not faciliatiing monitoring of content by government agencies as per existing regulations.

Pointing out that as technical parameters were not being made available to the Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC), an organisation under MIB umbrella, government has reminded the errant TV channels regulations clearly state the company/channel shall “provide for the necessary monitoring facility at its own cost” for monitoring of programmes or content by a government agency.

The list, which has been put out on the MIB website, includes TV channels from big and small broadcasting companies and they have been given time till 30 May 2018 to comply with existing government guidelines.

Broadcaster names include 9X, TV9 AP, UTV Movies International, Mahua channels, Sony Pix 2, several SAB regional channels, Star Gold South East Asia, Star Plus Middle East, VH1, Colors Tamil, Living Travelz, Living Rootz, Z Living, Shop CJ Tamil, Zee Kannada, Zee Telugu, History TV18 HD, etc. A total of 121 channels have been named.