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Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard app coming to Windows 10 soon - nairrk - 06-15-2018

Over two years after the acquisition of SwiftKey by Microsoft, the app is finally set to be made available on Windows 10 devices. The app has started testing under its public beta program, aimed at testers on the Windows 10 platform. Just like the versions on iOS and Android, SwiftKey for Windows 10 can be used with touch-screen laptops and tablets when using the on-screen keyboard.

Similar to the existing SwiftKey applications on smartphones, the keyboard for Windows 10 will include predictions for faster typing, and will also have autocorrect which will analyse what’s written and quickly correct it as you type. Gesture typing is also likely to be included, which will allow users to swipe their fingers across the keyboard from key-to-key, to have it predict the word based on the gestures.

The latest Windows 10 Preview for testers includes access to SwiftKey in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. The preview build is already rolling out on the public beta program for testers enrolled in it. It’s notably come a long time after Microsoft’s acquisition of SwiftKey in February 2016 for about $250 million.

The company behind SwiftKey was founded in 2008, with the initial product rolling out in 2010. While the app was initially a paid product, it is now a free offering with in-app purchases for additional keyboard themes. SwiftKey was also among the first third-party keyboard apps for iOS when the platform allowed users to switch keyboard apps in 2014. SwiftKey replaces the keyboard default keyboard app on your smartphone when activated, allowing you to change the way you type on your smartphone based on the features and design of the keyboard.