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Microsoft acquires student video discussion platform Flipgrid - nairrk - 06-19-2018

Microsoft announced recently that it has acquired the video discussion platform Flipgrid. The tool allows students to make video clips about educational topics and share them with their teachers and friends. Currently, the platform is used by teachers and students across 180 countries, accounting for a total of 20 million users.

With the help of is acquisition, Microsoft wants to push its educational efforts even further. Eran Megiddo, corporate vice president at Microsoft stated in a press release, “Fans of Flipgrid can rest assured the Flipgrid they know and love, in joining Microsoft, will continue to grow and thrive across the Microsoft, Google and partner ecosystems, all while retaining its distinct brand, culture and team.”

The press release also states that Microsoft will be making Flipgrid free for students, and users who have paid for the subscription this year will be getting a refund. At the moment, a one-year subscription costs $65 (approximately Rs 4,420). As mentioned, the company will also continue to support the platform across Microsoft, Google and other ecosystems. It will also continue support for iOS devices.

Microsoft deeply believes in the power of video-based social learning. The company states that it can help build collaborative, social and emotional skills. With the right social learning, students not only grow out to be more employable but also more responsible and confident in the future.

Microsoft is focusing heavily on improving its educational tools, with respect to both software and hardware. It is currently making big design changes to the web version of its Office tool, in order to be faster and more user-friendly. The company is also coming up with new features for the OneNote app that will be targeted directly towards students and teachers. Mixed reality headsets are also getting new educational applications that will make learning more immersive and fun.