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India to soon launch 5G services: all you need to know - nairrk - 06-19-2018

MUMBAI: After Reliance Jio took lead in revolutionising how people access the internet with 4G network, it is now preparing to upgrade to lightning speed 5G services. According to media reports, the company has upgraded its 4G IP network and started a pre-5G internet service much ahead of its domestic rivals.

While operators in the United States will be among the first to launch 5G commercial services between late 2018 and mid-2019, Jio hopes to launch its trial services later this year. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) recently claimed to have built a future-ready network which will seamlessly deploy 5G.

The company has already started offering 5G mobile internet services on the same speed level on dry run. However, Jio Network Towers aren’t currently 5G compatible and need to be modified for better functioning.

It is unlikely for a complete rollout before 2020 in India as per government’s assessment which includes auction of spectrum for 5G services, but telcos may opt for a soft launch much sooner than that.

Among Jio’s domestic rivals, Airtel has been testing 5G in Delhi-NCR. To test their preparedness for 5G, Vodafone and Idea are conducting similar MIMO technology-based trial runs.

The leading handset-makers including Samsung, Nokia (HMD), Google Pixel, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, One Plus Six will most likely announce 5G compatible sets. It is not yet clear if Jio would partner with them. Furthermore, there are reports that Jio might introduce its own 5G handset in the market at a cheaper price.