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Apple Maps is getting overhauled in a big way - nairrk - 07-01-2018

Apple Maps was launched to much fanfare and attention back in 2012, but it didn’t take very long for its weaknesses to be out in the open. The early version of Apple Maps faced a lot of criticism for its inaccuracies, and its general lack of quality as compared to the service’s main rival, Google Maps. And while it it still the default mapping system on Apple devices, many users prefer using Google’s service.

Six years later, Apple has fixed many of the issues with Apple Maps, which were reportedly caused by the collating of too much data from too many sources. However, the system is still sub-par as compared to the ever improving Google Maps, and Apple looks to finally be ready to change that. The company is reported to be rebuilding Apple Maps from scratch, this time using more of its own data. This is collected from iPhones and the company’s own camera cars that gather data as they drive along.

According to the report by TechCrunch, the new Apple Maps will cover the San Francisco Bay Area with the next iOS 12 Beta update, and will extend to the US state of North Carolina by later this year. Eventually, it will be available for all iOS users, and the hope is that the maps will finally be more accurate and easier to use. The approach of going it on its own is similar to what Google does; the search and web services giant collects its own data, rather than rely on data from third-party providers.

The new Apple Maps will roll out slowly and steadily, and it will take some time before the service is running full steam. It’s unclear whether it will be better or worse than before, but for the time being, Apple users can still rely on Google Maps for more accurate mapping.