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Instagram will now tell you when 'You're all caught up' - nairrk - 07-03-2018

Instagram is rolling out a new feature called ‘You’re all caught up’ for iOS and Android. The new update will ensure that Instagram lets you know when you’ve seen all new posts from the last 48 hours, with a message that says ‘You’re all caught up’. Older posts will still show below the message, but the goal is to let you know when you’ve seen everything new so you don’t keep scrolling aimlessly – unless you want to, of course.

Instagram’s algorithm of how it shows you posts can be rather confusing, considering it isn’t chronological and can’t be set to any particular order. While you might see a few new posts at the top of your timeline, the app tends to show you what it thinks you want to see at the top, presumably based on posts you’ve liked in the past or lingered on for longer when scrolling. With that in mind, the feature might be useful so you know when you’re looking at ‘stale’ posts. However, the 48 hour time limit would depend on how often you log on to Instagram in the first place.

Apart from older posts, posts you’ve already viewed will also be under the cutoff bar, ensuring that the user known when they’ve seen all new posts. You do of course have the option to go on scrolling if you choose, and search for individual profiles and posts as before.

Instagram is also reportedly considering a Do Not Disturb feature, which will allow users to switch off notifications for the app for a predetermined amount of time. Interestingly, Facebook is also considering this for its main app, and there’s a chance that both apps could also implement a ‘usage insights’ tab, according to a report by TechCrunch. This will give users specific insights into exactly how they’re using the apps, including time spent and more details.