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Travelxp 4K launches in Canada on Telus Optik TV - nairrk - 07-26-2018

MUMBAI: Travelxp, the world’s leading travel channel network with 100% original production, is set to launch Travelxp 4K in Canada on 26 July. Travelxp 4K will be the first 4K HDR linear television channel to launch in Canada.

Travelxp’s most popular shows from its six main categories of Destination, Lifestyle, Food, Culture, Nature, and Heritage will be available to over a million homes on the Telus Optik TV network.

Travelxp CEO Prashant Chothani said, “We are delighted to launch Travelxp 4K as the first 4K HDR channel of Canada on the reputed Telus Optik TV platform. Canada is a large and important market with a highly evolved audience which is known to be amongst the largest spenders on international travel. We feel privileged to enter so many wonderful TV homes in Canada, thanks to our partnership with Telus Optik TV. We hope to add to their wanderlust with our unique, exclusive, premium and 100% originally-produced travel content presented in 4K HDR quality for an unmatched experience.”

Vivicast Media president Stuart Smitherman said, “We are excited to join with Telus Optik TV for the Canadian launch of Travelxp 4K, the world’s first 4K HDR channel with 100% exclusive programming delivered in stunning 4K. Through the network’s new partnership with Telus Optik TV subscribers can view Travelxp 4K’s content in full 4K High Dynamic Range for a viewing experience that is truly unmatched.”

It will be recalled that earlier this month, Travelxp HD launched in Singapore on the StarHub network with its world-class multicultural content, and before that, in end-April, Travelxp had launched on UK’s largest platform Freeview too.