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Google Chrome is now available for Daydream View.. - nairrk - 08-01-2018

Google Chrome is now available for Daydream View so that you can browser the internet in VR

Google has just announced a new version of its web browser, Chrome that is designed to run on the Google Daydream View and Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream. This means that users can now browse the internet in VR without losing access to their browsing history, saved passwords, and bookmarks. Users can launch Chrome directly from their homepage and interact with the web pages in VR. The company announced this new version of Chrome in a new blog post while sharing details about the features that the company has included.

According to the blog post, Google has also added voice search and incognito mode to the browser to provide a comprehensive experience that users have come to expect with web browsers. In addition to the regular web browsing features, Google has also added Daydream-specific features including “cinema mode” where the browser optimizes web video for the “best viewing experience in VR”. The company did not really explain what optimizations Chrome does on the videos so we assume that it is only limited to resizing the video.

Another interesting feature that Google highlighted is the fact that users can start browsing the internet on their smartphones, including reading an article or watching any YouTube video and then continue with the article or video on their Daydream-compatible headsets. Users will have to use the controller that comes with their Daydream headset as a mouse cursor to control the browser including interacting with pages as well using the UI.

If you can’t find the new version of Chrome in the Google Play Store then don’t worry. It is likely that the new version of Chrome is rolling out in an incremental manner so it may take some time for the update to appear on your device, and be compatible with the headset.