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Mitwa to temporararily fill Aap Ki Kachehri's void.. - Ananya - 09-30-2009

Kiran Bedi 's Aap Ki Kachehri will soon make way for Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke, which will become hour long. However this extension will be short lived and the 8 pm Star Plus slot will soon have some thing different.

With Aap Ki Kacheri, Season 2 coming to an end this week, Star Plus will fill the above vacant 8 pm slot by making Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke, produced by BAG Films which currently airs at the 7.30 pm slot an hourly for nearly two weeks.

This news was confirmed by Nigar Z. Khan, who plays the spicy character of Rajbala in the show. "The fact that STAR has made our caste based show one hour will put to rest all speculation about it not doing well", said she.

There was a buzz that Mitwa might end or be shunted to an afternoon slot due to bad ratings. She further informed that "The story will now take off with the love story of Bela and Birju (lead couple) blossoming, and Rajbala using it to further her own ends."

According to our source, the one hour episodes of Mitwa will not last long and may be replaced by STAR Plus Diwali special. But the latter is some thing which Telly Buzz has not been able to verify independently.

We sent a text message to Nilanjana Puryakastha, Business Head, BAG Films, but she refused to comment.

With the love story of Birju (Mohit Malhotra) and Bela (Tanvi Bhatia) blossoming, the coming track will throw in a threat to their love story, with the entry of few new characters.

Says our source, "A new family will be entering soon, and Bela's family will soon finalize her marriage with the new guy. Till now, the track was focusing on the love story of the protagonists, but now we will get back to the main promise of the show, which involves the cast system. Also, the threat about Birju coming closer to knowing that he belongs to the lower class, and that his parents were killed by the thakurs will loom large".

The new guy to enter Mitwa, and his family have not been finalized though.

Coming to Aap Ki Kachehri – Kiran Ke Saath, this quasi judicial show hosted by Dr. Kiran Bedi which rocked the 10.30 pm slot (Season 1) could not make the same waves at 8 pm. However another source says this was expected, for it ran into competition with Balika Vadhu.

The war between COLORS and STAR will only get stiffer with Super star Amitabh Bachchan being roped in as the Pop Philosopher of Bigg Boss house inmates, which premieres on 4th October at 9pm. Also, Akshay Kumar hosted Fear Factor 2 at the same time slot is presently generating good numbers after opening well.