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WhatsApp adds multi-calling feature - nairrk - 08-07-2018

MUMBAI: WhatsApp has finally launched multi-calling feature for both voice and video calls. It is being rolled out to Android and iOS users globally. Facebook confirmed the group video calling feature at its annual F8 conference.

Once a call gets connected, a new ‘add participant’ icon at the top right corner of the call screen can be clicked to add more participants from the contact list. The icon gets disabled after a third participant is added. Calls can have up to four participants including the person who started the call.

Earlier WhatsApp had to face criticism for issues related to fake news and disinformation that has been rampant on the platform in the last couple of months. It added a new feature in July which puts a limit to the number of messages forwarded by a user.

Any message that is forwarded without editing will display the word 'forwarded' and it also restricted sending such messages to more than five contacts at a time.

The Facebook-owned service has come under harsh criticism from even the government of India regarding several of its features.