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Colors Marathi ventures into sports with Kusti Champions League - nairrk - 08-29-2018

MUMBAI: Viacom18’s regional GEC Colors Marathi and video on demand (VoD) platform Voot will telecast the Kusti Champions League (KCL), which is being organised by MWCL Sports and Maharashtra State Wrestling Association.

The live telecast of Kusti Champions League will be aired exclusively on COLORS Marathi and VOOT. The League will premiere on 7 October 2018 and conclude its inaugural season with a grand finale on October 28, 2018.

The league will serve as a mega platform for the sport by inspiring and creating opportunities for local Maharashtrian players in the field. With a purpose of bringing out the true spirit of Kusti, Kusti Champions League is sure to garner attention and create awareness on professional Kusti thus appealing to viewers and audiences like other sporting events.

Speaking on the launch of Kusti Champions League, Viacom18 Head – Regional Entertainment Ravish Kumar said, “Kusti or wrestling as it is popularly known today, happens to be one of India’s oldest sports and is a sport which requires skill, strength, strategy, and determination. Even today, Kusti continues to be played with great zest and passion and is a popular source of entertainment for people in towns and villages. While Indian wrestlers have been doing us proud in international arenas, we believe it is about time that Kusti gets its due recognition and popularity. With this endeavour in mind, we have collaborated with the Kusti Champions League to air these matches on Colors Marathi, thereby bringing the excitement of kusti into millions of homes across Maharashtra. Moreover, Colors Marathi, with its strong equity, deep cultural roots, and history of innovative programming, is the perfect platform for this sport to find the audience it truly deserves.”

KCL will be played between six teams consisting of 72 players in total. KCL has selected over 300 players from across Maharashtra for an auction process for the 6 teams. Each team will consist of 8 men and 4 women who are professionally trained in Kusti.

The cities participating in KCL are Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, and Kolhapur. The league is structured with 6 weight categories – 4 categories for men and 2 for women. A total of 90 matches across 21 days will be played on mat and soil at Balevadi Stadium, Pune in Maharashtra.

The official Radio Partner for KCL Season 1 is Radio City.

“To uplift the sport further with an international approach towards mat wrestling, Kusti Champions League collectively aims to bring contenders from 6 regions of Maharashtra on one platform and establish them as strong contenders for Olympic 2020. We want to take wrestling to every nook and corner of Maharashtra, give it the deserved fame and subsequently, create an international platform for the sport,” said KCL founder Pushkaraj Kelkar.

Maharashtra State Wrestling Association & Maharashtra Olympic association General Secretary Balasaheb Langde said, “Kusti, the most ancient sport of Maharashtra will now be presented to the audience through COLORS Marathi. Prior to this, Kabaddi has been viewed in league format which was a commercial success for both the players and organizers. Similarly, to ensure that this Kusti League is a successful initiative, we would require the support of the people of India. This league will play a vital role in the player’s morale for the 2020 Olympics. Through this league, we invite all the positive suggestions that can be incorporated. We give our best regards to all the players and teams participating in this league.”