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One more emotional goodbye on Lil’ Champs - Ananya - 10-01-2009

It is time for another heartrending goodbye on Zee TV’s Lil’ Champs…

As the finale is inching closer and closer, the arena of Zee's L'il Champs is getting filled up with more excitement, emotional rundowns and of course, energy.

This week, another contestant had to bid goodbye to his journey in Lil Champs.

According to our source, "It is none other than Abhigyan Das, who had it in him to be one of the finalists on the show."The source further adds, "Yatharth Ratnum was declared as Champ of the day."

The decision, as usual was a unanimous one among the show's guest and regular judges. The source tells us, "Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt were the guest judges for this week. They had come to promote their film All The Best."

Abhigyan Das had entertained everyone last week with an awesome rendition of Zara Si from Jannat. The proud Bangla boy had expressed that he aims to be a music director someday.