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News18 India launches two new shows ahead of elections - nairrk - 10-16-2018

[Image: Ye-Desh-Hai-Humara-and-Akhada-cover-1.jpg]

MUMBAI: As India heads into the election season, News18 India has launched two new shows ‘Ye Desh Hai Humara’ and ‘Akhada’. Anchored by Amish Devgan, and Anand Narasimhan, respectively, the new shows are aimed at further strengthening the channel’s programming line-up to raise and address critical issues in the election season.

‘Ye Desh Hai Humara’ (Every Sunday at 5:45 PM) is a weekend audience-based debate show anchored by Amish Devgan. The show, at its core, is a fierce contest between two ideologies. It seeks viewpoints of the political leaders on the burning issues for the benefit of the society and the nation. The show also offers an opportunity for the viewers to voice their opinions & concerns.

‘Akhada’ (Monday to Friday at 12:45 PM), a news bulletin, kicks off the weekday afternoon primetime on the channel. Through the show, Anand not only covers top stories of the day from across the country, but also presents a face-off between the relevant political parties on key issues.

Breaking away from the clichéd formats, the new shows are designed for enhanced viewer engagement that raise issues important to the society. While Amish Devgan, one of the most popular names in Hindi journalism, does not shy away from taking positions on matters that impact the viewers directly; Anand Narasimhan, a seasoned journalist with over a decade of experience, brings a fresh approach to news telling in his inimitable style.

Talking about the new shows, News18 India managing editor Prabal Pratap Singh said, “At News18 India, it is our constant endeavor to provide constructive and unbiased news. The new shows are another great addition to our repertoire of a balanced yet innovative way of news presentation. Both Amish and Anand, in their unique way infuse vigour and momentum with engaging insights and spirited debates.”