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Colors to launch supernatural thriller ‘Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara’ from 3 Dec - nairrk - 11-21-2018

[Image: COLORS-Vish-Ya-Amrit-Sitara.jpg]
MUMBAI: Hindi GEC Colors is launching a supernatural drama ‘Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara’ from 3 December, every Monday-Friday at 10.30 pm. Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, the show is a recreation of the Vishakanya folklore that existed from the time of Chandragupta Maurya.

‘Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara’ will see a portrayal of this concept that was once considered extremely powerful to combat enemies or take revenge. The show features Adaa Khan playing the title role of Sitaara, Shilpa Saklani (Vrinda), Sandeep Baswana (Kuldip Shekhawat) and Shakti Anand (King Shivdaan Singh) amongst others.

Speaking about the show, Viacom18 head Hindi mass entertainment and Kids TV network Nina Jaipuria said, “Colors has always created visually extravagant and immersive experiences for our viewers. With Vish Ya Amrit – Sitaara we continue to push the boundary with unique storytelling and scale that is sure create another category milestone.”

Centuries ago Indian rulers trained girls to become assassins, first making them immune to poison and then – by slowly introducing poison into their systems – turning them venomous. Hence the term ‘vishkanya’. Known for their beauty, vishkanyas used seduction to escape dangerous situations and bring empires to their knees. Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara is set in Vikralgadh village in Rajasthan and traces the journey of Sitaara, who is oblivious to her own identity.

Abandoned in her infancy by her mother, she is brought up by her father Kuldip Shekhawat who is a loyal palace manager to King Shivdaan Singh. Falling in love with the pretty Vrinda marks the beginning of Kuldip and the king’s downfall. The story takes a sharp turn when Sitaara embarks on a journey that forces her to choose between good and bad. Sitaara is a girl of high integrity is willing to stand by her convictions at all times, and against all people, even when it means standing up against people who might have cared for her.

Viacom18 Hindi mass entertainment chief creative officer Manisha Sharma said, “Sitaara as a show has been conceived keeping in mind the new wave of concepts that come with a little element of thrill and keeps viewers on the edge of the seats. Our lead protagonist is torn between the love for her mother who is evil personified and her own value system which prevents her from doing anything but good. The viewers will love to see this tussle between sin and virtue and see her choose the path of righteousness going against the wishes of her mother.”

Producer Rashmi Sharma commented, “In mythology, vishkanyas had the power to destroy empires. With Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara, a girl who doesn’t know her roots is compelled to choose between her real identity and the one she grew up with. She is an honest rendition of a woman with a good upbringing. We’re sure that the audience will enjoy this journey.”

Adaa Khan said, “I’m thrilled at the opportunity and in love with my character. Her uniqueness will make her stand apart. I’m thankful to Colors and Rashmi Sharma for believing in me and giving me a chance to awe my fans and viewers with another beautiful narrative.”