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Bharti Airtel launches a new Rs 23 prepaid recharge plan.. - nairrk - 12-03-2018

Bharti Airtel launches a new Rs 23 prepaid recharge plan that increases your account validity by 28 days

Bharti Airtel has just launched a new plan that increases the account validity of the user by 28 days. As part of this plan, the user just needs to get a recharge done for worth Rs 23. According to the information, this move comes weeks after telecom operators moved towards minimum recharges that will provide the facility for incoming and outgoing calls even when users run out of their prepaid plans. Almost all telecom operators including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and Tata Docomo moved to this system. One notable exception from this move was Reliance Jio.

As previously reported, this move is a likely attempt for the company to increase the “average revenue per users (ARPU)”. According to a report by TelecomTalk, this move is also an attempt from telecom operators to remove subscribers who are not paying. According to the report, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea announced three minimum recharge plans at Rs 35, Rs 65, and Rs 95. But according to the latest report, it looks like Bharti Airtel has introduced a new minimum recharge plan. According to the report, users can locate this new plan in the “Smart Recharge” section in the Airtel app.

Before introducing this plan in the “Smart Recharge” section, the least expensive plan amounted to Rs 25 while offering talk time, rate cutting benefits, or even data plans. However, this plan only increases the validity of the plan by another 28 days.

As part of the extended validity, the users will be charged up to 2.5 paise per second, SMS messages amounting to Rs 1 for local messages and Rs 1.5 per message for all the messages sent to national networks. To recap, this does not come with any data benefit. Last but not least, these smart recharge plans are currently only available in select circles including Tamil Nadu, UP West, and Punjab. As the minimum recharge plans gain traction, the company is likely to expand these offers to other circles.