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TV Today Network’s Aaj Tak HD to have fewer ad breaks - nairrk - 12-15-2018

[Image: Aaj-Tak-HD-Launch-cover.jpg]

MUMBAI: TV Today Network has launched India’s first high definition (HD) Hindi news channel Aaj Tak HD. The HD channel will be different from its SD sibling as it will be powered by exclusive stories and fewer ad breaks.

The fewer ad breaks will come as a respite for viewers who are bombarded with too many ads. As per a TRAI report, Hindi news channels air anywhere between 12 and 25 minutes of ads during a clock hour in the primetime.

With the HD variant, Aaj Tak will also go on to attract the best and affluent Hindi viewer profile. It will be offered exclusively on Tata Sky (Channel Number 508) in India initially, and eventually will become available on other platforms. Aaj Tak HD will comprise special features on business, Bollywood and international News.

Commenting on the launch, India Today Group chairman & Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie said, “Time and Information are the real currencies of this digital age. We have created Aaj Tak HD to give the viewer the best value on both these counts. Aaj Tak HD has been designed in a way that there will be smaller ad breaks and much more news content than you will find anywhere else. Let me assure you that Aaj Tak HD is not just about High Definition audio-video. This is about High Definition content and more of it. As a market leader with Aaj Tak, we have always been Sabse Tez, and now with Aaj Tak HD we won’t be just Sabse Tez but also Sabse Zyada.”

Aaj Tak said that it has had many firsts to its name, being the first to use 3D augmented reality graphics during UP elections, first to use drone camera, first to launch election express – the only LIVE and on the move newsroom and by becoming the first Hindi news channel to beat GEC channels on coverage.

The brand has always been at the forefront of pioneering new technologies and offering differentiated viewing experience to its customers. The launch of the HD channel will strengthen the company’s competitive positioning and will consolidate its leadership in the Hindi speaking belt.

India Today Group vice chairperson Kalli Purie said, “Your trust in Aaj Tak has grown year over year. It is our responsibility, therefore, to always be Sabse Tez… And also to always keep you ahead. Aaj Tak HD will keep you ahead on the technology curve and will serve the entire spectrum of your interests including special features on International Content, Business and Bollywood.”