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Colors Bangla kickstarts 2019 with two new shows in primetime - nairrk - 01-10-2019

MUMBAI: Bengali GEC Colors Bangla is all set to strengthen its prime-time with two new shows. The channel will premiere ‘Khonar Bachon’ on 14 January at 6 pm and ‘Arabya Rajani’ at 7.30 pm. Both the shows will air from Monday to Saturday.

Produced by Daag Creative Media, ‘Khonar Bachon’ envisions the life of a famed Bengali poet and astrologer, Khona played by Oindrilla Saha. Born to the royal family of Singhal, Khona was a near genius and an astute predictor from a very young age, with a keen interest in the study of cosmic astrology and horoscope. Most-prominent for her early poetic compositions and contribution to Bengali literature, Khona’s life took an unforeseen turn when her predictions came in direct conflict with those of her father-in-law, who was also a very respectable astrologer.

Promising to become a new cult-favorite amongst the audience, Surinder Films’ ‘Arabya Rajani’ stars Jasmine Roy as Scheherazade and Gourab as Shahryar, in this recreation of the most popular collection of Persian fantasy-fiction tales. Starting with Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, Scheherazade narrates the enchanting tales from the eminent ‘Arabian Nights’, followed by Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp, Sinbad and many more.

Commenting on the new addition to the line-up, Colors Bangla and Colors Odia business head, Rahul Chakravarti said, “Colors Bangla is kickstarting 2019 in high-gear, rekindling the fantasy-fiction genre with ‘Arabya Rajani’ and an offbeat storyline in ‘Khonar Bachon’. Continuing with our promise to deliver variety content, we realised that these popular folklores have tremendous recall value and people would love these to be adapted on screen. The stories are not only visually compelling but are also laced with a social message which makes it even more appealing. We have a very exciting line-up of content for the viewers in the coming months. Hope viewers appreciate our efforts.”

The channel extends its reach with a continuous marketing push through a 360-degree promotional campaign that involves a combination of innovative social media and traditional media elements like Outdoor, Print, Radio & BTL activities.