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History TV18 to air ‘Dwarkadhish- Kingdom of Krishna’ on 27 March - nairrk - 03-26-2019

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MUMBAI: Infotainment channel History TV18 will premiere ‘Dwarkadhish: Kingdom of Krishna’, the story of Hinduism’s sacred site Dwarka, its presiding deity and the love of His people, on 27 March at 9 pm.

The one-hour film brings to life the legends of Krishna, the stories of Dwarka, of Dwarkadhish temple and the devotion of the faithful. Renowned mythologist and author, Devdutt Pattanaik decodes the appeal of Krishna, beliefs, practices and ritual worship.

The film also counts down to Dwarka’s biggest annual festival – Janamshtami, the celebration of Krishna’s birth. It shows Dwarka and its grand temple transformed, amidst special ceremonies, community prayers and grand celebrations. The excitement is palpable as colour, light, pomp, symbolism and faith hold sway.

The characters in the film straddle tradition and modernity. Their lives revolve around the temple and its precise routine – a young dancer and tattoo artist, a girl from a Pujari family, a tailor, a priest and pilgrims. The film travels back and forth, through ancient past and modern day, between what history knows and faith believes.

Thus each year, Dwarka and its faithful renew their bonds with their patron deity. Each year, Dwarka much like the rest of India, moves forward another step into the future with its faith resolute and firmly rooted in the traditions of the past.

Network18 COO and TV18 MD A+E Networks Avinash Kaul said, “At HISTORY TV18 we’ve always put forth best-in-class content that’s riveting, contemporary and most of all relevant for our viewers. ‘Dwarkadhish- Kingdom of Krishna’ is truly a one-of its kind documentary which celebrates the spirit of India with all its ancient splendor coexisting beautifully with youth and modernity.”