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MIB restores Sudarshan TV Channel’s four broadcast licences - nairrk - 07-01-2019

MUMBAI: The ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) has restored the four TV channel licences of Sudarshan TV Channel Limited (STCL).

In May 2018, the ministry had revoked the licences of Sudarshan, A to Z, A to Z Documentary and Telefilms, and Dharma (Sai TV). The licences were cancelled due to non-response of the company and non-submission of permission fees.

Sudarshan and A To Z are news licences while A to Z Documentary and Telefilms and Dharma (Sai TV) are non-news licences.

The licences were restored on 5th May this year while the cancellation took place on 11th May 2018. With the restoration of licences, the total number of permitted TV channel licences stands at 908.

Earlier the total permitted channel licences had shrunk to 904 as the ministry had cancelled four licences of STV Enterprises. The four licences, which include Punjab Today, STV Haryana News, STV Jammu Kashmir News, and STV UP News, were cancelled since the company doesn’t require them. All four were news licences and the date of cancellation is 24th June.

The ministry has cancelled a total of 260 TV channel licences till 31st May.

STCL was incorporated in 2007 by Suresh Chavhanke and his wife Maya Chavhanke. STCL has experience of five years in the business of television media. STCL is performing both tasks i.e. the collection of news content as well as broadcasting; however, some work of up-linking and down-linking has been outsourced.

Presently, the company is running two news channels, Sudarshan News from 2007 and A to Z News from 2009; and one devotional channel, Sai TV from 2014. Sudarshan News is concentrating on the urban area as well as rural area and A to Z is concentrating only on the urban area.