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India News to air special programming on Union Budget 2019 - nairrk - 07-03-2019

[Image: India-News-Modi-Ka-Maha-Budget-cover-430x242.jpg]

MUMBAI: Hindi news channel India News will air special programming on the budget analysis under the umbrella branding of ‘Modi Ka Maha Budget’. The special programming will have special shows with renowned economists, political leaders, and senior journalists to voice their opinions on the upcoming union budget.

India News will broadcast special programmes on the pre-budget analysis and expectations of the corporate sector and the common man of the country. There will be special segments and shows on the issues related to housing, water, electricity and common man’s expectation from the government. During the show, India News reporters will do a reality check of the government policies.

There will be a special segment on the defense budget with analysts and special guests discussing about the defense deals and how the upcoming budget is going to achieve long due modernization of Indian Armed forces.

In another show, the middle-class segment will address their needs and expectations from the finance minister. India News reporters will be doing interviews of the housewives and the common public to take up their issues and expectations pertaining to the budget. These shows will also focus upon the stories around the budget of the middle-class families on their concerns of the tax load, Inflation, high cost of living, fuel expenses, the slowdown in reality market and a higher rate of interest.

India News team of reporters will also be doing a debate special show with the youth of our country from college campuses and share their expectations from the government. There will be special programming on the Budget Day, 5th July which will commence from 9 am onwards on India News, comprising the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget speech followed by post-budget discussions and analysis.