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Airtel 4G hotspot device available with Rs 1,000 cashback: Here is how to avail - nairrk - 07-04-2019

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Bharti Airtel is taking the fight to Reliance Jio in the hotspot segment. The incumbent player has made a number of revisions to make itself competitive against Reliance Jio and its JioFi offering. While it has revised the pricing of its 4G hotspot to attract new customers, it is now offering cashback as well. With Airtel 4G hotspot device, the operator is now offering cashback worth Rs 1,000. The offer is another addition to make Airtel 4G hotspot more attractive against JioFi. Here is how Airtel customers can avail this cashback offer:

Airtel 4G hotspot cashback offer: How to claim
To recall, Airtel had recently reduced the price of its 4G hotspot device to Rs 999. However, the price has been increased back to its regular retail price of Rs 2,000. In order to avail this offer, you will have to first buy the hotspot device for Rs 2,000. After purchasing the device, Airtel 4G hotspot users will have to recharge their device with either Rs 399 or Rs 499 data plan. The hotspot customer will also have to pay Rs 300 as an activation fee. Once you buy the device, activate it and recharge with either of the two plans, you can avail Rs 1,000 cashback. According to Telecom Talk, the cashback will be credited to your postpaid account, which can be used while paying a future bill.

Airtel 4G hotspot: Plans and Key Features
The first plan is priced at Rs 399 and is the cheapest plan available right now. It offers 50GB of data per month. The second plan is priced at Rs 499 and it offers 75GB data per month. Both the plans allow customers to avail Rs 1,000 cashback and they also offer data carry forward feature. While the Rs 499 plan is available in most circles, the Rs 399 plan is limited to some circles.

Bharti Airtel‘s 4G hotspot is an answer to Reliance JioFi in the hotspot segment. While Airtel has been selling hotspot devices for several years now, the new device brings 4G support. The device, which is portable and can be carried around, brings the wireless network to devices. It can be used to connect with up to 10 devices at once. The device is manufactured by Huawei and it packs a 1,500mAh battery. While JioFi is a 4G only device, Airtel’s offering can switch to 3G network when 4G is not available.