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Tata Sky vs D2h vs Dish TV vs Airtel Digital TV: STB prices, features compared - nairrk - 07-07-2019

A comparison study published in BGR

[Image: dth-set-top-box-compared.jpg]

If you are planning to buy a new DTH connection for your home or office, there are a number of options to choose from. You have Tata Sky, Dish TV, D2h and Airtel Digital TV to choose from. Each of these big players have their own set of pros and cons. And with the market already competitive, DTH operators have recently slashed the prices of their set-top-boxes. Here is a look at Airtel Digital TV, D2h, Dish TV and Tata Sky set top box price and features.

Tata Sky set-top-box price details
Tata Sky has four set-top-boxes to offer. The basic one “Tata Sky SD” is available for Rs 1,399. It offers DVD quality picture, and CD quality audio. The next one is “Tata Sky HD” which is available for Rs 1,499. It offers 1080i video quality, 16:9 aspect ratio, along with Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Next is the “Tata Sky 4K” set top box for Rs 6,400. It offers full HD resolution and 4K UHD resolution to enjoy content on your 4K TV.

The last one “Tata Sky+ HD” is a little expensive and available for Rs 9,300. It offers 1080i resolution picture quality and Dolby Digital Surround Sound experience. It comes with web apps such as NDTV, ToI, CricketBuzz and more. The set top box is 3D Ready and comes with 500GB hard disk which let you record live TV and watch it later at your convenience. This also allows you to play / pause and rewind live TV. You can even download the Tata Sky mobile app and remotely record your favorite TV shows.

You also get a range of Tata Sky services such as “Learn” where you can learn how to dance, cook, speak English, and more. There is Tata Sky spiritual service where you get live telecast from Siddhivinayak, Omkareshwar, Somnath and other temples, allowing you to catch the aarti live.

D2h set-top-box details
D2h has HD RF set-top-box available for Rs 1,799. Along with the box, the DTH operator is also offering free one-month subscription of Platinum HD Combo plan. The set-top-box allows you to pause live TV, rewind and forward. You can also set a time and title to record at that particular time. What’s more, the recording limit is unlimited as per the company website. But D2h has not mentioned the storage capacity like Tata Sky.

Dish TV set-top-box details
Dish TV has two set-top-boxes. The basic one is called DishNXT and it is available for Rs 1,490, and the higher model is called DishNXT HD and you can buy it for Rs 1,590. It makes sense to pay Rs 100 extra and get the HD set top box because it offers better quality audio and video. You also get English and Hindi language support.

When you buy the HD set-top-box, you get 1-month free subscription and coupons worth Rs 2,000 from Coupon Duniya for free. Dish TV also lets you connect your external USB drive to the set-top-box and record TV shows and movies. The service is available at a special price of Rs 169 (+GST) for 12 months.

Airtel Digital TV set-top-box details
Airtel Digital TV offers HD set-top-box for Rs 1,453. It lets you record your favorite TV shows and movies. Airtel offers a single remote to control your TV and set-top-box. You get free installation and 30 days free subscription with a new DTH connection.


RE: Tata Sky vs D2h vs Dish TV vs Airtel Digital TV: STB prices, features compared - Hassan Syed - 07-07-2019

Currently, Airtel Digital HD and Tata Sky HD are best. However, as i am from Punjab I would prefer Airtel over Tata Sky because it has better quality set top boxes, better UI, less box Price and more Punjabi channels compared to Tata Sky.