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Colors Bangla’s family game show ‘Adal Badal’ to premiere 22 Jul - nairrk - 07-18-2019

MUMBAI: Colors Bangla’s family game show ‘Adal Badal’ will premiere on 22nd July airing Monday to Saturday at 5.30 pm and thereafter anytime on Voot.

Hosted by popular film and television actor Kanchan Mullick, the show is produced by Endemol Shine India. Each episode will see Kanchan visit the homes of different families, ask the contending members a few questions and give them a chance to upgrade their current household items.

Answering correctly two out of three questions in the first round and four out of five in the final round, the family can win exclusive gifts or face the twist in the game when they would have to part with their owned items if they end up losing the challenge.

Commenting at the launch of the show, Colors Bangla and Colors Odia business head Rahul Chakravarti said, “Adal Badal is a very entertaining proposition for the early prime time viewers. It’s a game show with a twist – you give the right answer to get a chance to upgrade your household items, but a wrong answer could cost you your own existing item. Something like this has never been tried before on Bangla television and we feel this element of thrill will prove to be quite amusing for the viewers. Bringing in a new gadget or a new household item causes a lot of exhilaration in every family, right from the youngest member to the oldest – and through this show we mean to capture this pure, unadulterated emotion in every home that we visit.”

Kanchan has also lent his voice for the title track of the show which is composed by the popular composer, Dibyendu.

Building on the show’s momentum, the channel has amped up its marketing efforts with a synergetic combination of traditional mediums including TV, Radio, Print & Outdoor with new-age social media platforms including TikTok. Through a #AdalBadalRapChallenge, viewers are invited to upload their rap videos to win exciting gratification.