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Zee Telugu to air thriller ‘Vishwamitra’ on 11 Aug - nairrk - 08-07-2019

[Image: Zee-Telugu-cover-160x90.jpg]MUMBAI: Zee Telugu, the ultimate destination for entertainment, promises its viewers a thrilling weekend filled with suspense with the world television premiere of ‘Vishwamitra’ on 11th August at 6 pm.

Starring Nanditha Raj, Ashutosh Rana, Vidhylekha Raman, and Prasanna, the movie is sure to leave audiences at the edge of their seats with its nerve-racking twists and turns.

Mitra, a character played by Nanditha Raj works in a construction company owned by Rana, played Ashutosh Rana. He is a womanizer and goes after Mitra, creating problems at her workplace. Every time Mitra lands into a problem an invisible person is seen entering the scene and helps her.

After she shares this information with her dear friend, C.I Gopal played by Prasanna, he wants to meet the man in question. The next day, Gopal secretly observes Mitra entering a restaurant and notices Mitra talking to herself in the CCTV footage, with none seated in front of her. This intrigues him and he explains this to Mitra, who says she is seeing that man and talking to him, unlike Gopal’s observation.