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Travelxp to air ‘Off The Grid Ethiopia’ from 8 Sep - nairrk - 09-03-2019

MUMBAI: Travelxp will feature a show on Africa’s oldest country, Ethiopia from 8-12 September 2019. ‘Off The Grid’ explores an offbeat travel perspective by journeying into the unknown, doing the unconventional, going local and living the anticipation to experience something new.

[Image: Off-The-Grid-Ethiopia-cover.jpg]

‘Off The Grid Ethiopia’ is a five-episode series, featuring Ethiopia’s unparalleled heritage through rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, rare archaeological remains of early hominids in Addis Ababa, ancient palaces of Gondar and the fortified historic town of Harari. The show also introduces indigenous tribal communities like Karo, Hammar, Daasanach, and Mursi. Glimpses of some rare species like a Gelada baboon, world’s only grass-eating monkey make the show one-of-its-kind.

OTG has been directed by travel director Rohan Patoley and hosted by an adventurous Emeline Nsingi Nkosi. He commented, “The expedition to Ethiopia surpassed our expectations. We were up and close with nature, spending days with ethnic tribes, documenting Unesco heritage sites, etc. The country has a distinct beauty and it deserves to be seen. ‘Off The Grid’ will be an immersive watch for our audience.”