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Zee Telugu to premiere ‘Burra Katha’ on 15 Sep - nairrk - 09-10-2019

MUMBAI: Zee Telugu will present the world television premiere of ‘Burra Katha’ on 15th September at 6 pm. Helmed by Diamond Ratna Babu and starring the supremely talented Aadi Saikumar and Mishti Chakraborty, the film reflects the nuances of a human mind.

Abhiram, played by Aadi Saikumar, is a man born with two brains, because of this, he suffers from dual personalities – massy Abhi and classy Ram, whenever triggered by loud noises. Abhiram is a skeptic who trusts no one but his mind and its playful games. His life takes a U-turn when Happy, played by Mishti Chakraborty, enters his life. How did he survive with this kind of attitude? What troubles did he encounter with this problem? How did his life shape up? Forms the story of the movie.

Diamond Ratna Babu, who has previously written films like Gayatri and Luck Unnodu, made his directorial debut with Burra Katha. The movie has been produced by Kiran Reddy and Srikanth Deepala, while Sai Karthik has scored music.