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Epic Channel to bring back ‘Regiment Diaries’ for second season - nairrk - 09-17-2019

[Image: Rd-RajputanaRifles_6-cover-430x242.jpg]

MUMBAI: Hindi language infotainment channel Epic Channel bringing back its marquee show ‘Regiment Diaries’ for a second season. The shoot for the series is in progress, and it is scheduled to air in October.

Season one of the TV series took viewers behind the heavily guarded gates of thirteen army regimental centers where soldiers – both serving and retired, shared their life experiences from times of peace and war. Following the overwhelming response for season one, Epic Channel is all set to bring back the second season of Regiment Diaries.

A regiment is a soldiers’ second family and each regiment has its own illustrious history and glorious traditions. Season two will continue the narrative of the Indian army from where it was left off and bring timeless tales to warm the heart, moisten the eye, and leave viewers in even greater awe of the bravest children of India.

The second season will profile the Parachute Regiment, Kumaon Regiment, Bihar Regiment, Mahar Regiment, Gorkha Regiment, and Jammu & Kashmir Rifles. The six-episode season provides insights into their training, lineage, legacy, and all that goes into turning a civilian into a soldier.

Earlier, season one showcased stories from Jat Regiment, Madras Regiment, The Grenadiers, Mechanised Infantry, Madras Engineers Group, Brigade Of The Guards, Rajputana Rifles, The Garhwal Rifles, Dogra Regiment, Punjab Regiment, Maratha Light Infantry, Sikh Regiment, and Rajput Regiment. Regiment Diaries season one airs on EPIC TV and is also available to view on-demand on Epic On, and Netflix India.

Commenting on this, Regiment Diaries Series Creative Director Samar Khan said, “I have always been fascinated by the stories of life inside army cantonments and wished to open a window into the lives of our soldiers. Their way of living and their ecosystem is unknown to people and it has been my dream to bring to people, the unseen side of the army, their traditions and rich history. As a team, the appreciation Season 1 received fills us with immense pride and we are excited to present a second season.”

Commenting on the success of the series and the upcoming season, Epic Channel Head – Content and Programming Akul Tripathi said, “The encouragement and support for stories about India encourage us to bring more of them to our viewers’ screens. The Indian Army is the embodiment of the very best traditions of its regiments, and it is an honour to chronicle their history.”