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Tata Sky Smart Packs ship with regional and FTA channels - nairrk - 10-03-2019

Tata Sky offers a bunch of new smart channel packs in order to give customers more choices. The smart channel packs allow users to get language-wise channels. The starting price of the DTH provider’s Smart Packs is Rs 206, which is for the Marathi smart plan. The Marathi paid channels costs Rs 53 and the NCF charges include additional Rs 153, meaning users will have to pay overall Rs 206. Read on to know more about Tata Sky‘s Smart Packs.

The new smart channel packs by Tata Sky include Hindi smart plan for Rs 249, Punjabi smart plan is available for Rs 249, Gujarati smart plan costs Rs 249, and Bengali smart plan for Rs 220. The list also includes Odia smart plan for Rs 211, and Telugu Smart plan can be purchased for Rs 249. Further, the Tamil smart plan cost Rs 249, Kannada smart plan can be obtained for Rs 249 and the Malayalam smart plan cost Rs 249.

Furthermore, there is an affordable Hindi Bachat plan, which comes with a price label of Rs 179. Apart from the combo packs, the company is also offering mini packs through which subscribers can add select channels from different genres without spending much from there pocket. The report stated that “some of the mini or add-on packs were also in the higher range and HD quality.”

For instance, the new packs carry Tamil Regional HD pack for Rs 164, Tamil Mini HD Pack for Rs 81, TelecomTalk reports. In addition, the Telugu Regional and Mini HD pack costs Rs 216 and Rs 90, as per the cited source. Furthermore, one can get a similar type of options with the same price tags on other regional languages, including Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Bengali. Besides, the company offers a few broadcaster packs as well, including Sony Happy India South B pack. This pack comes with a price label of Rs 29.5. The DTH provider also offers a Turner Family HD pack, which reportedly cost Rs 14.75