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FYI TV18 to premiere ‘The Cook Who Changed Our Lives’ on 8 Oct - nairrk - 10-05-2019

MUMBAI: FYI TV18 will premiere ‘The Cook Who Changed Our Lives’ on 8th October, at 9 pm. Famous TV Chef, Nigella Lawson introducing the world to her mentor, the delightful, 91-year-old, Anna Del Conte. The one-hour special reveals why Anna is considered the pioneer of Italian cooking in England.

As a young woman, she moved to Great Britain after World War II and found the country to be a culinary wasteland. Anna missed the flavours of her home in Milan and set about recreating the magic in her new country. Her popular cookbooks are credited with bringing authentic Italian food to kitchens across Britain, and the world.

Surveys show that Italian food has become a global favourite, and given the immense popularity of pasta, pizza, and mozzarella, that’s hardly a surprise. Robust Italian flavours have even found synergy with Indian taste buds, infusing our cultural identity with Italy’s biggest cultural export. India’s No. 1 Lifestyle Channel, FYI TV18 is homing in on the socio-cultural trend by bringing its viewers a great-looking, engaging story, told exceedingly well.

In this one-hour special, Nigella Lawson meets and cooks with the godmother of Italian food, the witty Anna Del Conte. The show is peppered with personal stories, cherished recipes, and insight into Britain’s changing culinary landscape. Along with super-fan Nigella, the narrative is taken forward by an eclectic mix of contributors, and some of the world’s top chefs, like Antonio Carluccio, Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall, and Angela Hartnett.

Intimate and revealing at the same time, ‘The Cook Who Changed Our Lives’ is more than just a food show. It is a celebration of Italian food and an unsung culinary hero who changed the way we eat.