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Amazon Prime Video to launch first-of-its-kind comedy travelogue on 18 Oct - nairrk - 10-15-2019

[Image: Jestination-Unknown.jpg]

MUMBAI: Amazon Prime Video will launch first-of-its-kind comedy travelogue ‘Jestination Unknown’ on 18th October across 200 countries and territories. The Unscripted Amazon Original Series features six episodes starring India’s funny man, Vir Das and a group of his comedian friends, who embark on a journey across the country to find an answer to the question plaguing every Indian comic, “What does India find funny?”

The Amazon Original Series also features top Indian comedians, namely, Anu Menon, Ashwin Mushran, Raj Sharma, Amogh Ranadive, Manan Desai, Amit Tandon, Shruti Seth, Suresh Menon, and Rohini Ramanathan as they accompany Vir on his travels.

Amazon Prime Video to launch first-of-its-kind comedy travelogue on 18 OctThe show follows Vir Das, along with his set of friends, through Jodhpur to explore the history of jesters, Patiala where they discover comedy of clichés, Lucknow as a destination of hasya kavis, Mysore for its idiosyncratic comedy, Kumarakom where comedy after tragedy is explored and Leh – to discover what makes people from the harshest region of the country laugh.

Speaking about their latest Amazon Original offering, Amazon Prime Video India Director and Head, Content Vijay Subramaniam said, “Reality shows are very popular in India and that too across a variety of genres. At Amazon, we want to experiment with exciting new formats in the reality genre for customers while working with top content creators and talent. With Jestination Unknown, we aim to find out what kind of comedy tickles the funny bone of Indians across the country and we are excited to offer a unique concept through Jestination Unknown to our viewers.”

Vir Das, comedian, host and also the producer of the show said, “If you head out into the world beyond your comfort zone to find out what the people there find funny, take some crazy friends along, you’re going to experience India in a way you never did before. That’s what show is about …the madness of India leading to the madness on stage and we’re thrilled to partner with Amazon Prime Video to make Jestination Unknown and show to the world the things that make India so unique.”

Vir Das travels across India with his friends to answer the question: “What does India find funny?” The clubs and pubs of India’s metros are only a part of the answer. The people of India have laughed at kings, foreigners, neighbors, and more importantly, themselves. In a time when jokes are considered offensive, what if India answered otherwise? To explore this, different sets of comedians travel to various parts of the country to explore the local comedy culture. In Patiala, they explore comedy and clichés. In Lucknow, the hasya kavis give a masterclass. In Jodhpur, the city welcomes new jesters. In Mysore, a Mysore joke is written. In Kumarakom, comedy after tragedy is explored. In Leh, even the people in the harshest region of the country love to laugh.