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Prasar Bharati to sell vacant DD Free Dish MPEG-2 slots through 42nd e-auction - nairrk - 11-06-2019

MUMBAI: Public broadcaster Prasar Bharati has invited applications from satellite TV channels for allotment of MPEG-2 slots of its free direct to home (DTH) platform DD Free Dish.

The slots will be provided on a pro-rata basis for the period from 1st December 2019 to 29th February 2020 through the 42nd online e-auction process.

The pro-rata reserve price for Bucket A+ comprising All GEC (Hindi) channels is Rs 3.76 crore. The pro-rata reserve price for Bucket A is Rs 3.11 crore. This bucket includes All Movie (Hindi) channels.

Bucket B comprising All Music (Hindi) Channels, Sports (Hindi) Channels, GEC (Bhojpuri), Movies (Bhojpuri) and Teleshopping (Hindi) channels and has a reserve price of Rs 2.73 crore.

The Bucket C has a pro-rata reserve price of Rs 2.23 crore. It includes News & Current Affairs (Hindi) Channels, News & Current Affairs (English) and News & Current Affairs (Punjabi) channels.

Bucket D, which is for all other remaining Genre (Language) channels, has a pro-rata reserve price of Rs 1.55 crore.

In its notice for the e-auction, Prasar Bharati stated that only channels licensed by the ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) would be allowed to participate in the 42nd online e-Auction process. Only companies holding valid permission from MIB or their authorised distributor partners can apply for the allocation of DD Free Dish slot.

If bidder Company is other than the channel license holder, the letter/agreement signed between license Holder Company and Distributor Company authorising the bidder for distribution of the channel and bidding on behalf of the channel must be submitted, it added.

It further stated that international public broadcasters licensed/registered by the MIB can also participate in the e-auction.

The carriage fee along with applicable GST will be payable in two installments. The first installment in advance by 28.11.2019 ie before placement of channel on DD Free Dish DTH Platform while the second installment payable in December after adjusting the participation fee amount.

Broadcasters desirous of allotment of slots on DD Free Dish are required to provide clear and unambiguous proof in support of genre classification of their channel. In case of lack of clarity, ambiguity or conflicting information, applications will be deemed ineligible and may be summarily rejected. For details please refer checklist of documents provided with the application form.

The applicants will be required to furnish Demand Drafts along with the Bidder Registration form. The Last Date for submission of applications is 13.11.2019 latest by 3 pm.