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Star Jalsha launch magnum opus based on Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s ‘Kopal Kundala - nairrk - 11-28-2019

[Image: Kopal-Kundala-cover.jpg]

MUMBAI: Star Jalsha is all set to premiere new show ‘Kopal Kundala’ on 2nd December. The show will air Monday-Friday at 8.30 pm. ‘Kapalkundala’ is a Bengali romance novel by Indian writer Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.

Set against the backdrop of 16th century rural Bengal, the show depicts the journey of a young woman, Kopal Kundala, who has been raised in a forest by an evil Kapalik. The Kapalik practices human sacrifice and wishes to possess supernatural powers by pleasing Maa Kali. He captures a young man named Nabakumar, a city man who loses his direction, lands up in a secluded place and gets lost in the forest.

As the Kapalik prepares to sacrifice him, Kopal Kundala manages to free Nabakumar and on his behest runs away with him.

A life-long fight against the evil Kapalik ensues as Kopal Kundala fights to protect her loved ones and continues to break stereotypical societal norms. With Nabakumar’s support, she gets accustomed to city life and stands up against the evil Kapalik and Nabakumar’s shrewd first wife, besides other antagonists.

Armed with many enticing twists and turns, the period drama promises to be both high on emotion and a spectacular visual extravaganza. The show features Soumi Chatterjee as Kopal Kundala, Debojyoti Roychowdhury as the evil Kapalik and Sounak Roy as Nabakumar. Amit Sengupta holds the directorial helm of the show. The show is the maiden initiative of Raj Srijan Arts LLP, a joint venture of Raj Chakraborty and Shyam Agarwal.

Speaking on the occasion, Raj Chakraborty, Producer of Kopal Kundala, said, “Kopal Kundala provides a window to Bengal’s prolific and rich history. Set against the backdrop of Mughal rule, this period drama offers a never seen before the story on Bengali television which is the perfect blend of suspense, romance, and thriller – all in one. The show offers intricate detailing in every aspect including storytelling, production value, special effects and we are hopeful that our vision turns out to be amongst the biggest entertainers for our viewers.”

Speaking on the occasion, Star Jalsha & Jalsha Movies EVP & Channel Head Sagnik Ghosh said, “Kopal Kundala is a timeless classic. The narrative explores the story of a girl who has to constantly fight for her life and free will. Armed with exciting twists and turns, the show serves as a perfect opportunity for our viewers to reconnect and relive this intriguing tale through nuanced storytelling and larger than life depictions. We promise a fresh visual treat to our audience.”