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MIB grants 15 new MSO registrations in Jan - nairrk - 02-01-2020

MUMBAI: The ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) has granted 15 new multi-system operator (MSO) registrations in January.

Mumbai-based MSO Seven Star has also secured a fresh registration under a separate company called Seven Star Digital Networks. The MSO already has an MSO registration in the name of Seven Star Dot Com.

The MIB has granted a total of four registrations to MSOs in Maharashtra. These include Seven Star Digital Networks, Maxnet Communication, Barale Cable Network, and DNA Cable.

Two MSOs each from Rajsthan and Telangana have been granted registrations. From Rajasthan, Latiyal TV Club and Siddhi Cable Center have received MSO registrations while from Telangana AG Digital Communications and Jai Maa Vaishnavi Jai Mata Di Star Cable Network have been accorded the registration.

The remaining seven registrations have been granted to MSOs from Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Haryana, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, and Delhi.

As of 31st January, the total number of MSO registrations have jumped to 1630.

[Image: List-of-Registered-MSOs-as-on-31.1.2020.jpg]

According to the MIB’s list of cancelled MSO registrations, three MSOs have surrendered their registration in 2019. These MSOs include Comstar Digital Networks, Bhaskar Prakashan, and Skyway Digital. The total number of cancelled MSO registrations have jumped to 74.

[Image: Cancelled-MSO-registration-as-on-31.01.2020.jpg]