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&pictures to premiere supernatural thriller ‘Ghost’ on 8 Feb - nairrk - 02-06-2020

[Image: Ghost_Mailer-1.jpg]

MUMBAI: &pictures will premiere supernatural thriller ‘Ghost’ on 8th February at 8 pm. The movie features popular television star Sanaya Irani and the dapper Shivam Bhaargava in the lead roles.

Inspired from the real-life murder mystery case, ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’, Director Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost brings forth an intriguing plot revolving around the murder of an innocent woman but with a supernatural twist to it.

Set against the backdrop of London, the movie follows the life of a politician Karan Khanna (Shivam Bhaargava) who is accused of murdering his wife Barkha’s (Gayatri Iyer). But he claims not guilty as he believes that a spirit mercilessly killed his wife. He tries to prove his innocence by explaining the ‘the spirit of possession theory’ to his lawyer Simran (Sanaya Irani) who has a hard time believing it but still takes up the case.

However, Simran’s deep-rooted psychological issues come in the way and she ends up getting romantically involved with Karan. While investigating the case the duo witness supernatural encounters that keep escalating with time.