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BSNL announces two 4G prepaid plans with 10GB data per day - nairrk - 02-12-2020

BSNL is set to commence its 4G operations soon. While the telco will take time to offer pan-India 4G service, it has started the operations in select circles. The operator is offering 4G using the existing 3G spectrum. In order to drive adoption, the operator has even launched two 4G only plans. These plans ship with 10GB data per data for a period of 84 days. This makes these new plans from BSNL cheaper than the ones offered by Reliance Jio.

BSNL 4G Prepaid Plans: What you get
BSNL has launched two 4G only prepaid plans priced at Rs 96 and Rs 236 respectively. These plans are available to BSNL subscribers only in circles where the operator offers 4G service. According to Telecom Talk, the company has launched its 4G service in various parts of Kolkata. In order to use the service, subscribers need to recharge with any of the two plans. These plans definitely offer better benefits than Airtel and Reliance Jio.

With both the 4G prepaid plans, BSNL is only offering data benefit. There is no calling or SMS benefits bundled with these plans. Both the plans ship with 10GB of data per day but differ in terms of validity. The Rs 96 plan comes with a validity of 28 days. There is no clarity on validity offered by the Rs 236 prepaid plan but Telecom Talk writes it offers whopping 2,360GB data, which translates to 236 days of validity.

BSNL does not seem to be offering great speed in terms of download but it is respectable at over 10Mbps. Where BSNL is beating its rivals is in the data department. It offers more data than its rivals. Reliance Jio, which offers a 4G data voucher priced at Rs 251, which gives its customers 2GB of data per day for 51 days. There is a possibility that BSNL is offering the existing data plan to get customers to upgrade to 4G service.

How to get BSNL’s 4G service
In order to get BSNL’s 4G service, you will need to be eligible for these two BSNL 4G plans. You will also need to be in the circle where the operator offers its 4G service. Subscribers in these circles will be able to get a BSNL 4G SIM Card from their nearest customer care center. BSNL is offering its 4G service across Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Kolkata and Maharashtra. It is also available in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Chennai and Tamil Nadu circles.