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MIB grants 16, revokes nine TV channel licences in Feb-Mar - nairrk - 03-04-2020

MUMBAI: The ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) has granted 16 new TV channel licences in February. Eenadu Television has received 14 licences while IN10 Media has got two licences. All the 16 licences are in the non-news category and for uplinking and downlinking.

Eenadu Television‘s 14 licences are across multiple regional languages besides English and Hindi. The licences include ETV Bal Bharat English, ETV Bal Bharat SD, ETV Bal Bharat HD, ETV Bal Bharat Gujarathi, ETV Bal Bharat Hindi, ETV Bal Bharat Kannada, ETV Bal Bharat Marathi, ETV Bal Bharat Punjabi, ETV Bal Bharat Telugu, ETV Bal Bharat Malayalam, ETV Bal Bharat Tamil, ETV Bal Bharat Assamese, ETV Bal Bharat Bangla, and ETV Bal Bharat Odia.

The company has a bouquet of 12 channels including ETV, ETV Andhra Pradesh, ETV Telangana, ETV Cinema, ETV Plus, ETV Life, ETV Abhiruchi, ETV HD, ETV Plus HD, ETV Cinema HD, ETV Abhiruchi HD, and ETV Life HD.

IN10 Media has received two licences namely Epic Plus and Ishara TV. In 2019, the company had received the licence to launch Epic HD and ShowBox. The company owns and operates two Hindi channels namely Epic Channel (infotainment) and ShowBox (music).

[Image: Master-List-of-Permitted-Private-statell...h-2020.jpg]

The ministry has also cancelled nine licences since they are not required by the respective broadcasters. Viacom18‘s five non-operational licences have been cancelled. Neo Sports Broadcast’s licences Neo Sports and Neo Prime have been cancelled since both the channels have shut down. 9X Media and Page 3 Entertainment India’s licences Housefull Action and Power of God TV have been revoked.

[Image: Master-List-of-Permitted-Private-statell...2020-1.jpg]

The total number of permitted TV channel licences has jumped to 925 while the total number of cancelled TV channel licences stands at 297.