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Netplus Broadband launches FTTH service in Jammu - nairrk - 03-19-2020

MUMBAI: Internet Service Provider (ISP) Netplus Broadband has rolled out its wired broadband services in Jammu. The ISP has its operations spread across entire Jammu. Netplus Broadband has introduced Unlimited broadband plans with speed up to 500 Mbps.

Fastway Transmissions Group CEO Prem Ojha said that this move is a part of our strategy to provide optimum value & delight to every netizen in the region. “We have our service presence in 175 cities across 8 states and with the increasing popularity of OTT apps the demand for data is ever increasing. With the launch of truly unlimited services we intend to give our users seamless experience who can now enjoy high-speed uninterrupted premium video content with high definition video streaming, mobile gaming and much more.”

He further added, “At Netplus always seek to provide maximum value for money to our customers. This is one more initiative towards making internet accessible to our rural as well as urban customers. Its competitive pricing will make the internet affordable for students and SMEs who frequently use the internet. This is a first initiative of its kind & probably the only offering at price as low as Rs 599 supported by our strong Futuristic Fiber to the Home Services network.”