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Colors Tamil to launch supernatural fiction show ‘Mangalya Dhosham’ - nairrk - 03-23-2020

[Image: Mangalya-Dhosham-160x90.jpg]MUMBAI: Colors Tamil is launching a supernatural fiction show ‘Mangalya Dhosham’ about Nityashree, a Chevvai Dosham girl who marries her lover Tarun who is Non-Chevvai Dosham and the life-threatening consequences that follow. Starting 23rd March, the show will air every Monday to Saturday at 9 pm.

According to the superstition, the marriage between a chevvai dosham and a non-chevvai dosham is disastrous. People who believe in this superstition think that a chevvai bride will cause her husband’s early death, and to prevent this disaster, she should be married to a tree, an animal or an inanimate object. Once she does this, she is freed from the consequences of being a mangalik and her subsequent marriage to a human is expected to be a happy one.

Tarun (played by Arun Padmadabhan) a doctor by profession, believes in putting his education to good use, saving lives rather than paying heed to superstitions. Bold and outspoken, he manages to stand by his own beliefs, without upsetting the religious sentiments of his parents and sister whom he’s fond of. Nithyashree (played by Lakshmi Priya) is a simple, yet beautiful girl-next-door who teaches Bharatnatyam to children.

She is strongly rooted to the shastras, vedas and puranas, narrated to her by her grandmother when she was a child. Though a perfect girl in every sense, Nithya faces tussles in her marriage simply because she has ‘Chevvai Dosham’. The story progresses with Nithya who marries Tarun and faces all the obstacles that life throws at them. But there is more…The narrative enters a crucial phase when Nithya jeopardises the life of her unborn child to save her husband.

Commenting on the launch of Mangalya Dosham, Colors Tamil business head Anup Chandrasekharan said, “Colors Tamil has been presenting a wide variety of shows that is enjoyed by viewers of all ages. After Uyire, Idaiyathai Thirudathe and Amman, Mangalya Dhosham raises the bar of supernatural thrillers with its eminent cast, carefully crafted story and visually enchanting VFX. We are particularly excited about Mangalya Dhosham which is about this age-old superstition. We are sure that it will connect with our audiences.”