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Zee Picchar curates special line-up of movie premieres - nairrk - 03-23-2020

MUMBAI: Starting 22nd March, Kannada movie channel Zee Picchar has curated exclusive world television premieres till 25th March. Giving a movie marathon experience, the segment commenced with 12 premieres on 12 days as the channel’s launch is set to re-define movie viewing at home. From 14th March Zee Picchar has been showcasing one World Television Premiere each day at 7 pm and the same will continue till 25th March.

In the phase of its launch, the brand has also unveiled unique brand films that bring alive the channel’s brand proposition of ‘Hit Dinada Feeling’ which implies ‘Having a hit day feeling’. Zee Picchar is present across leading DTH operators that include Tata Sky Airtel DTH, Dish TV, D2H and across other cable operators.

The line-up of upcoming World Television Premieres:

22nd March – Missing Boy:

A mix of drama and adventure, the movie takes us through the life of Nischay, a top businessman in Europe. He has recurrent visions of railway tracks and an orphanage in India. Later, he discovers that he was adopted 25 years ago, and is perplexed as to who his birth parents are. He sets out on a trip to India to search for his parents with the help of a journalist, police officer and a cab driver. The real victory lies in the emotional portrayal of the journey to find his birth parents. Directed by Raghuram, the movie stars Gurunandan, Rangayana Raghu and Ravishankar Gowda in lead roled

23rd March – Vamshodharaka:

A family drama film directed by Aditya Chikkanna and produced by actor Aravind Rathasapthami this movie stars Vijay Raghavendra and Meghana Raj. Vishwa returns from Bengaluru to his village after education as he believes farming is his true calling. What transpires then is a plethora of emotions ranging from love to revenge saga.

24th March – Uppu Huli Khara:

A comedy-drama film written and directed by Imran Sardhariya, produced by M. Ramesh under the banner Tejeshwini Enterprises, The film stars Shashi Devraj, Malashri, Sharath, Anushree, B. Dhananjay, Jayashree and Shamanth Shetty in prominent roles. A shrewd and flamboyant police officer’s quest to catch the men behind a sensational bank robbery leads her to three youngsters. The plot thickens as the public interest, media attention and the surroundings of the investigation grow into a political issue. Are these youngsters who are under the shadow of suspicion clever criminals? Or are they innocent victims of an elaborate conspiracy?

25th March – Ellidde Illi Tanaka:

Ellidde Illi Tanaka is an action romantic family drama film, written by Arun Ramadass and directed by Tejaswi making his debut. It is produced by Srujan Lokesh under his banner Lokesh Productions. Surya was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Growing up in Australia, he had everything, but every decision in his life was made by his parents. Feeling suffocated, he decides to visit India during a gap year. What follows is a journey that will change Surya at every twist and turn, including old friends, a new job and his lady love.