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The Zoom Studios launches #StuckWithYou initiative - nairrk - 03-27-2020

MUMBAI: With #socialdistancing and #workfromhome becoming the new normal, The Zoom Studios with its new initiative ‘#StuckWithYou’, aims to add cheer through a series of curated content that inspires everyone to convert these tough times into fond memories. The #StuckWithYou initiative will be driven across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Akin to the brand ethos of presenting a powerful and real-life narrative, The Zoom Studios’ #StuckWithYou brings stories and experiences that make the most of being ‘stuck’. The initiative encourages its viewers to do things that we often forget in our daily rigmarole. Be it playing a board game with a sibling or cooking for the parents, #StuckWithYou gives viewers a reason to live in the present and lessen the worry of an uncertain future.

Through a series of curated content formats like scrapbook, tiny quarantine tales, changed lyrics of songs, video logs, audio stories across social media, #StuckWithYou will talk about rekindling relationships, taking your first steps, exploring your inner selves, confessions, introspections or simply reliving your childhood and much more.

“These are unprecedented times. With a nationwide lockdown, the feeling of being ‘stuck’ is causing anxiousness and anxiety amongst everyone. At The Zoom Studios, we wanted to reverse the feeling of being stuck from negative to positive. As India, and the world fights this virus we want to encourage our viewers to use this time to enjoy the little joys and never take them for granted again, and our initiative is a step forward in this direction. By putting out real and heart-warming content, we at The Zoom Studios humbly attempt to add doses of happiness in the life and times of lockdown,” said Times Network COO and Executive President Jagdish Mulchandani.