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Airtel latest plans - nairrk - 07-31-2020

To compete against Jio, Airtel is offering the following plans:

Rs. 244 Plan

This pack offers 1 GB data per day on 4G handsets, unlimited local/STD calls to Airtel network (on-net calls), and is valid for 56 days.

Rs. 399 Plan

This plan offers unlimited local/STD calls, 56 GB 3G/4G data restricted to 1 GB/day (500 MB day + 500 MB night data), and has a validity of 56 days.

Rs. 499 Plan

I couldn’t see this plan on MyAirtel app on my phone, but according to TelecomTalk, this plan offers 1.25 GB data per day along with unlimited voice calls valid for 56 days to any network in India.

Rs. 549 Plan

This plan also offers unlimited voice calls to any network in the country, but provides 1.5 GB/day for 28 days.