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Fourth season of 'Top Chef' kicks off on AXN next week - Sathish - 10-21-2009

MUMBAI: Action oriented broadcaster AXN will kick off the fourth season of the reality show Top Chef from 26 October at 10 pm.

Set in the windy city of Chicago, 16 hot new chefs will pitch their spatulas against one another as they attempt to rule the kitchen.

In the 15 episodes, Padma Lakshmi – cookbook author, actress and host - returns to oversee her kitchen domain and cheftestants; alongside the watchful eyes of chief judge Tom Colicchio, famed doyen and chef/owner of Craft Restaurants, judge Gail Simmons of Food & Wine Magazine and judge Ted Allen the Emmy-winning cookbook writer and television luminary.

To up the ante in what is one of the most stirring seasons so far, new interpersonal dynamics and intriguing challenges come into play in the windy city. For one, the first competing same-sex couple brings a cutting edge to the teeming rivalry and for the first time, the cheftestants are allowed to bring $200 worth of ingredients, on top of what they can use in the Top Chef pantry.

Elimination Challenges also take on more bite ranging from five-course meals inspired by the fellow team’s favourite movie, creating first courses based on the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air to coming up with a healthy entry for a family of four on a rock-bottom budget of $10!

Intensity and boiling points come to a clash in this kitchen of talented, ingenious cheftestants who have much at stake - $100,000 in seed money to kickstart the opening of their dream restaurant decked by the makers of the Glad company of products, a feature spotlight in Food & Wine magazine, a chance to showcase at the annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, a gastronomical dream holiday in the French Alps and of course, the title of Top Chef.