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Engine issue restricts Alonso's running - Sathish - 03-13-2009

Renault wrapped up its Barcelona test this afternoon as Fernando Alonso completed his third day behind the wheel of the R29 to round off the week of work for the team.

Foggy conditions greeted the team this morning and initially delayed proceedings due to dampness and poor visibility. However, as conditions improved later in the morning the team was able to get down to its technical programme, which involved evaluating components to improve the mechanical balance of the car.

Despite losing time in the afternoon (an engine failure reportedly, but not confirmed by the team) Alonso was still able to complete 64 laps.

The team now heads south to Jerez for its final test of the season which starts on Sunday.

Fernando Alonso
“We had a problem at the beginning of the afternoon and so we lost some track time, but overall I think it was an interesting day and we improved our understanding of the car. We tried some new development solutions and so today was not about outright performance but simply exploring new ideas for developing the car into the season. We have one more test to go in Jerez, but overall I think we are ready for the first race in Melbourne.”

Christian Silk, Chief Test Engineer
“We had quite a lot to get done this week and the programme evolved as we went along, just as it always does. As we continue to get to know the car it becomes apparent what areas we need to look at and what areas we can find performance in. The car ran very well all week and the team is working well together as we had the entire race team here preparing for the first race. We’ve got one more test to go when we will introduce some final developments prior to Melbourne.”