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NASA Finds Water And Ice On Moon - Sathish - 11-16-2009

NASA announced that a "significant" amount of water has been found on the moon, following the LCROSS mission to "bomb" the moon earlier this year.

The LCROSS rocket blasted a crater on the moon's south pole in , creating a 60- to 100-foot-wide hole in the lunar surface and generating a plume of lunar debris that included "at least 24 gallons of water," writes the New York Times.

NASA notes that the plume included materials that had not seen sunlight in billions of years.

The evidence of lunar ice fields uncovered by NASA's moon blast suggests that the quantity of water on the moon could be greater and more widespread than previously suspected.

According to NASA: "The dark blue and purple areas at the moons poles indicate neutron emissions that are consistent with hydrogen-rich deposits covered by dessicated regolith. These hydrogen signatures are possible indications of water in the form of ice or hydrated minerals."