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"Iron Man 2" poster debuts with War Machine!! - imxpress - 12-02-2009

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Sold! Those canny marketing types over at Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment have done it again when it comes to all things "Iron Man". Yahoo! is showcasing the very first poster image for "Iron Man 2", due in cinemas on May 7, 2010, and thus has opened the floodgates for fans everywhere to pour out their excitement on those forums.

The poster, simple but effective, sees Shellhead back–to–back with War Machine – who, presumably, will be played by Don Cheadle now that Terence Howard has jumped ship. The two will be locking horns after Robert Downey Jr‘s Tony Stark outfits the new suit with weaponry procured from head bad guy Justin Hammer ("Moon‘s" Sam Rockwell).

Director Jon Favreau has hinted on his twitter account that we might see the first trailer for "Iron Man 2" attached to Guy Ritchie‘s "Sherlock Holmes" this Christmas. A nice present to look forward to then!