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Endemol India to roll out 3 new shows on Mi Marathi - Sathish - 03-19-2009

Endemol India will roll out three new shows for the Marathi general entertainment channel (GEC), Mi Marathi. The three shows are Choti Khushi Motha Fun, Hasya Katta and Chinya, which proves that the production house has what it takes to deliver shows of all scales.

Choti Khushi Motha Fun is a comedy act involving kids. Hasya Katta captures two groups competing against each other, using comedy to comment on a number of political, cultural and social issues. The third show, Chinya, is about a young boy and his mischievous acts with his family and friends.

Deepak Dhar, managing director, Endemol India, says, "By entering the regional space we are communicating to the Indian audiences that we are breaking new grounds each time with fresher content. We have brought three new concepts to the regional market by giving them, which will ensure our persistent perusal to be the best."

Endemol India has captured the attention of audiences by thrilling creative senses of the viewers with varied genres. The company is also launching an stand-up comedy show, called Ladies Special, which is yet to settle on a channel.

Ladies Special will hunt for the country's finest women stand-up comedian. It will be another comedy and humour driven property from the company, which has produced popular shows such as The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Chhote Miyan, and Bigg Boss.